For non-residential patients

When patients bring a problem to the Palatini are seeking an as harmless as possible solution for themselves and as quickly decisive as possible for the problem.

Medical examination defines the problem, the possibility of resolution, the most appropriate treatment, in accordance with patients, choose among the many options available. The solution best suited and accepted by the patient.

Our clinical laboratory supports the diagnosis, providing in a few hours results of the most common blood tests.

The clinical experience of our doctors are using all the tools to make the most accurate diagnosis, being necessary to design an effective therapeutic cycle of treatments.

Meeting with the Palatini for the patient may be only the visit itself, being enough to give patients all relevant indications patients for their problems. Often the relationship continues over time, with subsequent meetings that accompany the patient along his course of treatment.

Patients can be offered the opportunity to take advantage of single water, nursing or physio-massage treatments, quickening the healing process, or at least supporting the reactive effort.

In a word: Palatini is made of encounters between people and the continuous interplay between the problems and the possible solutions that are not only effective, but harmless above all.

"Primum non nocere, deinde you potes adjuva."