Who come to us

No one is so healthy not to benefit from hydrotherapy and no one is so ill as not to take advantage from hydrotherapy.
(Sebastian Kneipp)

Palatini’s thirty years of experience fully confirms this wise statement by Abbot Kneipp and in fact treats in different and complementary ways both the healthy and the sick.

Healthy people are accompanied by the Palatini in the path of prevention and the maintenance of that precious good that health is, and the value of which –as Dr. Palatini said – is realized only when we lose it.

The patient you want to experience these modes of health maintenance meets one of our Doctors, who then create a personalized path based on the pillars of the dynamic equilibrium of health: healthy nutrition, hydrotherapy, exercise, herbal support, harmony of rhythms of life. To the healthy, few tips will be enough to be guided among Babel of opinions and to experience how useful and relatively easy to cultivate by themselves that precarious balance to which all aspire is : health.

People who are ill can get from all of the Natural Cures (in synergy and complementary to the Spa Therapy) the best support to address any acute, chronic or degenerative problem, since everything is targeted to activate and increase the organic and tissue reactivity, needed to solve or stabilize the problem, or to promote rehabilitation. The Palatini’s Doctor, in agreement with the patient, proposes the therapeutic process to reach the desired purpose, according the requirements of the disease and the availability of time and forces the patient can put in place.

A residential care can be choosen, taking advantage of all opportunities diagnostic and therapeutic tools of the Palatini offer, or the patient can be followed in his path of care through follow-up meetings with the referring Physician, or even can take advantage of each supports massage, nursing, or water therapies can give, each time proving useful in order to achieve the therapeutic effect and make it stable.

Palatini’s facilities are very suitable for convalescence after serious illness or surgery. The assistance, care and company to the patient along the gradual recovery of the forces in a secure and nurturing environment is a very important action in order to stabilize clinical results and resume organic functions.