The world of nature is governed by precise and perfect laws that generate harmony and order. When one part of the body is not in tune with the natural order a state of dissonance called disease is manifested.

The human being is made by the primordial elements such as Water, Earth, Air and Heat, also obeying these universal laws. To gain health back acting on them is possible: Water, used in accordance with the principle of contrasting hot and cold: Earth, or the Mud applied to the body; Air, as a spare energy in breathing; Heat, through the reactions of heating and sweating.

The use of the Water, in particular, is at the base of one of the most important forms of natural healing: the hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy treatments can be divided into two main categories:


This category includes baths in the tub, whirlpool and steam baths, taking advantage of the purifying and regenerating power of cold, hot or alternating application of thermal water on the body.

Herbal products-based

The hydrotherapy treatments involving the addition of balsamic substances and not among those mentioned above, belong to the category defined as herbal products-based .