Threatments at Palatini

Hydrotherapy is the most important set of treatments promoted within the center: through the simple but regulated use of hot and cold thermal water, it is possible to have amazing results on health.

Mudtherapy, thanks to the action of spa mud on the body, it is recommended and applied as hot mud treatment to all patients suffering from rheumatism and other diseases of the locomotory system, and as cold application for all acute or chronic inflammatory symptoms.

Massotherapy, artfully performed by specialized and expert staff addresses the problems of the bones, joints and muscles, corrects posture, improves by direct or reflex action internal organs functionality, thus giving patients a general feeling of relaxation and psychophysical well-being.

Oxygen-ozone therapy is a powerful activation of the microcirculation: in any applied district promotes cell respiration and increases the flow of arterial blood, bringing more oxygen to cells and connective tissue and improving drainage.

Magnetotherapy is most used among electrotherapy. Assists hydro-mud therapy and massotherapy cures, relieving pain caused by acute and chronic inflammation of joints and muscle-tendons.

Hydrocolon-therapy is 'the bowel irrigation with thermal water, a mild washing the inside of the intestinal mucosa, practiced in a simple, painless way by skilled staff.