For residential patients

The patient who decides to come to Palatini for a period of stay and care does that generally to face a significant health problem, usually on wake of positive references. Almost always knowing very little of the natural cures, therefore the state of slight disorientation, usually characterizing the first meeting, is fully understandable.

Various clinical problems lead our patients to Palatini: from dystonia to chronic organic diseases, from vascular disorders to various forms of arthro-rheumatic diseases, or even to skin or metabolism diseases.

The common denominator driving a new patient to Palatini is the desire to do something different, more natural and more stimulating for their own health.
For patients, meeting with the Palatini’s Natural Cure is rediscovering their own reactive capacity: the activation of those vital forces being the backbone of this ability and the experience of this same action on their body and individual organs.

All this is achieved by using the therapeutic tools active on circulation:

Hydrotherapy in the first place, but also herbal medicine, homeopathy, ozone therapy, manual therapy, in a range of possibilities so broad that it allows you to adapt the set of these modes to each individual problem.

In some cases, these therapies alone can lead patients to solve their problem, always accompanying the on-going treatment, not contrasting it, but indeed, intensifying the general and tissue reactive ability and promoting the healing process.

For these reasons, usually the pace of therapies during the day is pretty intense and when patients’ clinical condition allows it, it develops through the alternation of mild and intense stimuli, manual therapies and active and passive hydrotherapy, and the whole thing aiming to activate that function of the microcirculation so important for tissue nutrition and detoxification.

The stay at the Palatini is characterized by a quality of hospitality making one appreciate the utility of the detachment by the swirling wheezing daily life, to take care of yourself. That's why live a few days at Palatini means for our patients a kind of "coming home", where the deafening noise of everyday life stops to make space to the life forces regenerating every imbalance to give well-being and new heath strengh.