Hydropinic therapy

Hydropinic therapy refers to the administration of thermal (spa) water as a drink for therapeutic purposes.
The physician of the spa facility determines the amount of thermal water to drink, at what time, how long, taking into account the therapeutic goal and the general condition of the patient.

The cycle of therapy at daily interval should not be less than two week long. Usually done on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning, and always after digestion is completed. In this way any interference with the digestive processes is avoided, and biological actions and therapeutic effects induced by thermal waters are reinforced.

The experimental and clinical agree in attesting that the hydropinic treatment carried out at the spa does not only find a more appropriate location, but above all is able to achieve more meaningful and effective therapeutic results, becoming therefore a moment of nutrition education in relation to a proper supply of spa water in quantity and quality.

Therapeutic action:
On the uropoietic apparatus: diuretic action, prevention of calculus (stones) formation, iperuremic (uric acid) stadiums regulation.

On the stomach: reduction of the gastric mucosa irritation, with regulatory action of stomach’s secretory and motor activity.

On duodenum, liver and biliary tract: stimulating action of the production of pancreatic digestive enzymes; reduction of the detrimental action mediated by radicals; stimulation and regulation of bile flow.

On intestinal absorption: improvement of pancreatic liver-biliary function and of the gastric secretory component. Digestive activity facilitation and promotion of assimilation activity.

Finally, it is an excellent adjuvant in the hypertension treatment.