Massage therapy

A cycle of massage therapy is often associated with the spa treatment. In this way a full and harmonious recovery of organ functions at the muscle-articular and circulatory level is favored.

It is therefore indicated when there is partial or generalized muscle spasms, resulting from traumatic events or incorrect postures. The patient is then offered a postural re-educative path, with a schedule of performance decided together with the spa physician.

The draining massage and manual lymph drainage one are indicated for those suffering from blood-lymphatic stagnation, disease that usually affects not only the lower limbs, but also all those districts where traumatic or surgical events have altered microcirculation (chronic phlebopathy, outcomes from phlebitis, lymphatic edema, recurrent lymphangitis, panniculopatia).

Finally, in medical literature numerous studies prove how massage therapy has a positive impact also on the neurosensory and motor control of all organic functions, through adequate stimulation of the dorsal roots of the spinal column. This results in a faster recovery of physio-mental well-being of the patient and an improvement in mood.