Spa of Salzano: The Palatini and the Natural Cure.

For 30 years, our guests find and maintain their health in this health facility which is a happy combination of professionalism and simplicity, of ancient cultural roots and modern technique. All this allows the best use of resources, still not fully known, coming from the wise use of spa waters and natural treatments.

Palatini’s proposals:

  • to the arthro-rheumatic Patient, operating with the NHS, Mud Therapy and Balneotherapy spa treatments and Inhalation Therapy for respiratory diseases and ENT. Patients can benefit from the service in agreement with the NHS once in the calendar year, showing their doctor’s prescription.

  • to the non-residential Patient, a comprehensive service to learn more about their state of health and to address any issues with the most innocuous possibility of resolution: medical examinations, the clinical laboratory: physio-kinesitherapy studies, the infirmary, and the department for individual hydrotherapy treatments to complete the prescribed cure.

  • to the residential Patient, a unique opportunity to experience how the reactivity of the human body deals with disease and brings it to resolution or improvement, when stimulated by all the elements that nature and man's intelligence bring into place to achieve this purpose. That is why the great range of possible therapeutic actions - all differently and harmlessly designed to stimulate the reactive ability-becomes a totally individual path.