The Palatini, a welcoming home.

Taking to heart comers, taking care of their problems, is the common feeling of the Palatini.

Making every guest breathe in harmony, tranquility and serenity is part of the daily work of each of us, each in his field and skill. Because experiencing in oneself the true welcoming, opens the door of sicknesses and makes one see what lies beyond. The strength that comes from feeling welcomed and understood, pushes towards new horizons and helps one see what happens to us in a different way. Elsa and Gaetano thought this, when they started.

Dr. Palatini supported them, and this attitude, which has always characterized them, is still the goal that followers of their initiative have set.

Health, a Precious good.

There is an invisible force, infinitely powerful, enveloping the created world and allows living beings to manifest: Life. This positive energy is able to regenerate itself as long as we are in good health. When this delicate balance is broken, we begin to get sick, and often only in illness we can truly appreciate health.
Health is a precious good, which has to be earned and safeguarded day after day with an active prevention.

In this primary task that the Palatini is assuming towards every guest, lyes the principle of Natural Medicine that is activated first in order to maintain the proper functional balance of all organs. The disease state is seen not only on the basis of individual symptoms described, but also as a disorder of the self-regulating capacity of the entire human body in its relationship with the surrounding environment.

By observing the natural world, we can see perfect and precise laws governing this dimension in which we human beings are immersed as well.
The primordial elements of which we are composed (water, earth, air and heat) obey these laws established by an ancient and immutable cosmic intelligence whose goal is the manifestation of harmony and order.

When some part of our body is not in harmony with these laws, we leave the world of harmony and order (health) and enter into that one of dissonance and disorder; other laws govern this world and diseases belong to it.
There is an unbreakable bond between the inner and outer health. In taking care of our health outward, taking care of the physical, actually we also promote the inner, psychic balance.

Water used according to the principle of contrasting hot and cold, earth (ie mud theraphy) and heat, through the reactions of heating and sweating, detoxify our organs. Not only that, they can also clean up our impressions, modify our habits, changing our actions. It depends on us.
In this sense, natural cures draw close again every one of us to the world of harmony and order restoring and maintaining our health.

Palatini: the water weavers

Water is the matrix of all forms of life, Venus rising from the water, wonderfully portrayed by Botticelli. She is the mother of all living. And characteristic of the living is the ability to maintain its structure and its function in their entirety, properly opposing every aggression, and addressing every environmental change.

The more energetic this property is, the more the living form, whatever it is, is in good health. Experience gained over the centuries by famous therapists (Priesniz, Kuehne, Kneipp, Lezaeta) have encoded several ways to use cold water, aimed to recover, stimulate and increase this reactive ability inherent in the watery element of every living organism, and therefore in the human body as well. This impulse is transmitted through the lymphatic vessels and is governed by a proper liver functioning. Also from this we see the fundamental importance of this organ for the maintenance or the restoration of health. The forms of therapy in which a breakdown of the proper use of this therapeutic principle have been codified by Sebastian Kneipp, in the second half of 800. In his books Kneipp tries to summarize his extraordinary experience that led him to cure the sick and heal thousands by simply using the water of the brook in Bad Woerishofen.

Our thirty years of experience as hydro-spa structure, brings also in this hi-tech time, the support of these ancient principles to personal and collective health increasingly undermined by stressors, both endogenous and exogenous. The principles of hydrotherapy are applied today in Palatini, as part of taking the waters, following the mud-therapy, balneo-therapy (bath therapy) and inhaling protocols of Spa Medicine.

As a corollary to this, the patient who attends can find a wide experience in natural, homeopathic and phyto-therapeutic (herbal) medicine, that goes in a complementary manner to all hydrotherapy and physiotherapy practices.