Our History, The Palatini. A family for over 30 years.

Gaetano and Elsa Campagnaro, companions in life and work, had the idea of ​​a homely house where curing their guests with therapeutic steam baths. Since then, that intuition has grown over the years without ever forgetting the original spirit, made of simplicity and family warmth, to which is added the craft mastery in the use of Water as a source of well-being.

The structure of the Palatini, as we know it today, was born from the ideas of Dr. Leonardo Campagnaro, the eldest son of the family who, after having studied many areas of ancient and modern medicine, and having expanded its training with careful observation of Nature and natural cures, opened in 1982 his first doctor's office.
A path accepted and followed by the other brothers and sisters as well, who have specialized in various branches of natural cures.
Today, you will find Leonardo welcoming you to the Palatini, personally overseeing each patient staying at the Palatini; Otello, physiokinesi-therapist and head of the of massage therapy, requested by all patients for the touch of creativity he brings to his manual therapies; Marco, a physician specialized in hydrology and medical climatology, Phytotherapy (herbalist’ therapy) and homeopathy expert and head of the Health Department; Maria Chiara who, after studying in Germany at Sebastian Kneipp’s school as Bademeisterin, manages the hydrotherapy department; Davide, spa operator and massage therapist, responsible for mud-therapy and indispensable point of reference for the proper functioning of each system.
The contagious serenity, that you can breathe in around, is an integral part of the treatment program and the recovery of well-being offered by the Palatini. To this family, which does its best to maintain the original impulse of their parents, over the years many other contributors added, sharing their same spirit and helping making the Palatini the special place that many already know.

Palatini... why this name?

Dr. Alfonso Palatini was a physician (ENT surgeon, allergist, one of the first Italian chiropractors and convinced naturalist) who, at the height of his career, realized the importance of simple cures, breathing, nutrition and - abandoning the scalpel - moved towards prevention.

He was a researcher: he did not stopped to his academic studies, but deepened his knowledge about Man, linked to health in many aspects.
His dream was to create a therapeutic place where patients could be treated with the simplest methods, and helped to find back their balance and health. Unfortunately, he failed to achieve his project while alive, dying in 1981.
For this the Campagnaro family, great friend of him, at the beginning of their activity, in 1982, decided to devote the newborn health care facility to its name, continuing on his same path.

In one of his letters we can read:

"...Cure is necessary when one’s ill, but much more is needed when one is well, in order to preserve the greatest material good: health..."

And more:

"...The roots of a local disturbance are all over the body, considered as a psycho-physical, material and spiritual entity. Therefore everything is valuable in determining issues and dissolve them. The physician's help must be at a time the most prudent and the softest, only accompanying atural forces, always tending towards the person’s wellbeing, that is healing, and that can be awakened when we grant a period of rest and care of the body..."