Hydro-colon Therapy

It is also called Intestinal Irrigation.

The Colon irrigation is a soft intestinal wash, taking place in a discreet, painless, absolutely hygienic way, with the continued assistance of specialized staff and using a machine automatically checking the various parameters. Only spa water is used, entering the intestine at body temperature and controlled pressure, then rhythmically made to flow outside the body, in order to remove all stagnation. Treatment lasts about an hour.

Healing action of hydro-colon therapy is such as to allow:

  • The rebuilding of a normal intestinal flora able to:
    • protect the intestinal mucosa
    • acting as a barrier against microorganisms foreign to the intestine
    • controlling intestinal motility
    • helping the transit of vegetable fibers
    • helping the transformation of some enzymes and vitamins (K, B ", B12, B6)
  • Reducing abnormal stimuli to intestinal immune system (the most developed, containing 80% of lymph nodes).
  • Recovering normal muscle tone, through a sort of internal massage made by water moving in a flow and back.
  • Revitalizing intestinal mucosa by activating the microcirculation.
  • Eliminating potentially toxic metabolic waste.

Short-and long-term effects of hydro-colon therapy:

  • Limiting the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Eliminating potentially pathogenic substances.
  • Helping reducing circulating cholesterol.
  • Reducing fermentation processes.
  • Facilitating digestion and absorption.
  • Promoting synthesis of certain vitamins.
  • Modulating immune functions.

When colon hydro-colon therapy is particularly advised:

  • For digestive problems: obstinate constipation, bloating, colitis, dis-metabolic syndromes and dyspepsia of all kinds.
  • For skin disorders: dermatitis and eczema, acne, headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, venous or lymphatic stasis in the lower limbs.
  • For diseases of the urino-genital system: recurrent vaginitis, cystitis, fungal infection, uterine pathologies, annexitis, prostatitis.
  • For chronic fatigue states. Week memory, neuro-vegetative dystonia, depression.
  • For problems in upper and lower respiratory tract (pharyngitis, tracheitis, allergy disorders, asthma).
  • But above all hydro-colon therapy is the treatment of those who, being in health, wants to keep it.