Natural Health: thanks to herbal products.
The service of the on-site herbalist providing all natural products and herbal preparations used in the correct application of natural therapies joins the therapeutic effects of spa water and the care provided by the entire Palatini’s staff.
The Palatini Line offers the guarantee that all therapeutic herbal and bud products come from organic farms or wild harvest.

Herbs are cultivated without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the use of fumigants or other preservatives in the later stages. In addition, products of other companies in our shop are carefully selected from among those trying to follow our principles of attention to human health and respect for animals and nature.

In our herbalist shop you'll also find essential oils, clays, herbal teas, books, accessories and cosmetics, all aiding the maintenance of good health.
The same products can also be purchased by those who wish to continue the course of treatment once they return home.

The herbalist shop is offering a fast shipping service, delivering home the ordered products.