Organic and good, healthy and delicious.

We consider nutrition a proper medicine: integral part of the care process. It is indeed the channel through which man takes the organic and inorganic elements of nature that, once processed, become the vital physical basis and cornerstone of the person and of his action when going from the therapy to everyday life.

Without the contribution of a proper nutrition the effects of natural cures can hardly give optimal and lasting results. The prescription of a personalized diet, in relation to clinical history, personal needs and expectations of the Patient, is an important part of the therapeutic program.

The preparation focused on the needs of each individual Guest are - since ever - the characteristics of our restaurant offer, which encloses in the small availability of our room, our thirty-year effort to mix the most diverse daily culinary desires, dietary needs based on health requirements, the rules of good professional catering, and the continuous search for the best possible quality of each product.

The quality of ingredients is combined with the careful assessment of nutritional balance that every dish has to meet. The proportion of nutrients is evaluated in its quantitative and qualitative aspects. Diets are rich in vegetable, slightly low-calorie, low in sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol from animal proteins and, in contrast, are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant vitamins (C, E, provitamin A), trace elements and other microorganisms.

Proposed diets almost have all the characteristics of the Mediterranean line and comply with the medical criteria of rotating foods and their digestibility.

The delicacies served in the restaurant of Palatini are organic

Many of them are directly grown on the lands of the Spa, with total control over their authenticity and are free of additives, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Healthy ingredients and healthy recipes, all without sacrificing the taste of delicious dishes.

Our Patients say: "At the restaurant: hard to resist, impossible to forget!"