Thermal Baths

The Palatini is a private entity founded in 1982 by the Campagnaro family and still managed nowadays by its members with such attention to the needs of their guests as to be unique of its kind. The center includes outpatient clinics, a clinical laboratory and radiology, in addition to  accommodations and a restaurant.

Thermal Baths activities:

  • baththerapy mud and bathmudtherapies for rheumatic diseases (osteoarthritis and other degenerative, non-articular rheumatism);
  • inhalation therapy, in treatment of ENT diseases even for very young children (vasomotor rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic catarrhal otitis, chronic pharyngo-laryngitis) and respiratory (chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes, chronic bronchitis simple or accompanied by an obstructive component );
  • treatment of vascular diseases (venous disease sequelae of chronic type);
  • water treatments for gastrointestinal diseases (GI and biliary dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome as in constipation, in the apparatus uropoietic, particularly in stones and in the regulation of uric acid the elimination).

We also offer:

  • Massage therapy: general, district and reflexogenic massages, Vodder manual lymphatic drainage;
  • physiokinesitherapy and motor rehabilitation.