Oxygen and Ozone Therapy

The oxygen-ozone therapy is a practice of complementary medicine using a mixture of two gases (oxygen and ozone) in variable proportions, depending on the disease considered. It can be administered through the skin, through ozone baths or bags or injected subcutaneously.

The action that oxygen - ozone exerts on red blood cells, making blood more fluid and improving the microcirculation of the blood helping the oxygenation of tissues. Ozone helps the elimination of unsaturated fatty acids, because after splitting them, it transforms them from hydrophobic molecules to hydrophilic molecules: this allows them to be carried by the lymphatic system to be finally expelled in the urine.

Another great benefit provided by this therapy is the draining action eliminating toxic substances accumulated in the interstices. On the body, the immediate effect is the relief from the sense of swelling in the legs, caused by water retention, due to poor circulation.

The release of Oxygen and Ozone in the circulatory system works by stimulating the immune system. Therefore the body's defenses increase against attacks by various pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and relapse decrease. In situations of asthenia, convalescence and stress there is also a revitalizing effect: this is due to oxygen increasing and the stimulation of tissue metabolism.