Baths in the tub

When the whole body or a part is immersed in a surrounding mass of water an effect of regeneration and body activation is provided. The whole organism is in contact with its primordial element. The variety of temperature, added substances and degree of immersion, make the baths a strong therapy, a relevant cornerstone of hydrotherapy.

The baths in hot spring water have a relaxing effect: loosening states of physical and mental tension; relieving insomnia and stress, promoting sweating and, combined with brushing, cleansing the skin, having the effect of an underwater massage, relieving pain and promoting joint mobility.

The baths in cold spa water awaken and stimulate vital functions, have a calming effect on the heart, stimulate metabolism and are indicated when quickly lowering body temperature is needed. They reactivate blood circulation and bring an immediate physical and mental well-being.

The alternating baths in spa water act on blood circulation and strengthens the body's defenses, promoting a state of well-being even when there is no sufficient reactive capacity.


In thermal water, it promotes thermoregulation after hot mud baths, loosens muscle tension, brings well-being and relaxation throughout the body, stimulates blood circulation through the movement and the warmth of the spa water.