Foot-baths and arm-baths

Hot and cold baths can be applied only to the area of ​​the feet or arms, in this case we speak of foot-baths and arm-baths.

The hip-bath is a partial bath while sitting, in a special appropriate tub.

You can alternate treatment with hot and cold water, during the same session, obtaining several additional benefits.

Arm-baths are indicated for circulatory disorders of the arms (cold hands), osteoarthritis, pain in the hands and elbows, respiratory diseases, light heart ailments. Arm-baths promote sleep and diminish the sense of fatigue and exhaustion; have pain-relieving effects and regulate heart pressure rate.

Foot-baths improve the blood circulation, prevent the formation of varicose veins and relieve bloating and fatigue in legs and feet; a great remedy for headache, heaviness and common disorder of cold feet. Also, instill a general feeling of well-being.

The hip bath, in addition to the various benefits listed above for the other treatments, it is very suitable for a number of additional disorders: cystitis and kidney weakness, hemorrhoids and psoriasis, eczema and anal itching, bloating, menopause symptoms, prostate problems and constipation.