Balsamic compresses

The wrap is made from a warm moist towel applied in a particular area of ​​the body, with the possible addition of balsamic substances and adequately covered by sheets of cotton and wool.

The cold pack has similar features to those of bandages, while the hot pack acts as a conductor of medicinal or balsamic substances and activators of passive vasodilation, thus reactivating district circulation and loosing the heat.

The heat and aromatic substances present in body wraps, wrap the patient in an atmosphere of well-being and tranquility that makes this therapy particularly pleasing to patients.

Packs used in Palatini:

  • pack of arnica and Swedish herbs on joints
  • pack of lemon balm on abdomen (belly)
  • pack of rosemary and yarrow on liver
  • pack of thyme and wax on chest and bronchial area
  • pack of lavender on the spine

And also packs of ricotta cheese, Herbae compress, lemon, tea tree, and many other products .