The bag of hay is one of the most pleasant of all therapies in Hydrotherapy and is a favorite among patients for the special healing properties and the immediate benefits it brings. It can be applied in the form of moist-warm compress, dry pack or as a decoction in the form of aromatic bath. The most commonly used form at Palatini is the hot and humid compress.

An adequate amount of chopped mountain hay is put in a cheesecloth bag or a very thin cloth. This is steam heated for about half an hour. The bag is then applied on any part of the body that requires this application. Very often the lumbar region (lower back) is selected in order to bring vital energy and warmth to the whole organism.

It is used as an antispasmodic and as sedative of chronic pain of the joints, as well as in the case of arthrosis (arthritis), cervical pain, lumbago and sciatica. It is effective in case of contractures and muscle spasms. It has the property to stimulate organic functions, promoting diuresis and glandular processes of disposal of metabolic waste. Relieves pain, reduces cramps and kidney or liver colic. If applied after the hot bath stimulates perspiration greatly and relaxes tensions, promoting sleep.

Hay on kidneys

The most suitable area for the application of this therapy is the renal (kidney)/ lumbosacral one (lower back), as often being the area most in debt of heat, and vulnerable, more than other ones, to spasms, stiffness, pain and contractions. Applying the bag of hay in this district the entire body immediately receives a beneficial effect of relaxation and regeneration.

Hay on cervical and kidney areas

Hay can also be applied in other parts of the body, for example at the same time on the cervical region and on kidney area. This combination promotes the therapeutic action, without causing any damage or fatigue. The compress on the cervical region is especially indicated for neck stiffness and other forms of neck pain or stiff neck. Finally, hay can be applied on shoulders or along the spine.