The water jet is a brief and revitalizing therapy; acting immediately and always giving a nice effect, at the same time is a preventive and curative hydrotherapic practice.

The jet can be cold or alternating, applied in all parts of the body requiring a beneficial stimulation of vital energy. The jets are one of the best known hydrotherapy cures developed by Kneipp. They are easy to make also at home, and their effect is immediate.

Depending on the treated part of the body, effects are on on organs and systems:

  • Jets on knees and thighs: effects on the bladder, liver, splanchnic organs.
  • Jets on arms and torso: effects on respiratory organs and cardiovascular system.
  • Jets on face: effects on the skin, smoothening and toning, effects on the first respiratory tract and frontal synuses.
  • Hot jets on neck and lumbar region: beneficial effects on the spine and in the case of muscular tension.
  • Jets on the whole body: effects on all organs and circulation in general, promotes all vital functions.