Partial cold mud therapy

The potentiality of Earth

As earth is the most 'complete substrate for all forms of life, so it can also be considered the first of the remedies, at least as historical experience.

To use earth as a remedy we use pure clay, namely that mix of mineral salts that are in deep substrates not yet in contact with the organic element and therefore are obviously very greedy of it. Due to this feature its extraordinary absorbing capacity, universally recognized to clay, progressively less and less as it turns into humus.

This absorbing capacity is enhanced if clay particles are crushed and finely pulverized. In this form they act in an extraordinarily active way, without ever altering the organic substrate contacted. For example, just put a bit of clay in a glass of turbid wine, to make it clear.

The same action is obtained by applying packs of clay in different parts of the body, when you want to get a quickly decongestant and draining action, in addition to a reduction of inflammatory states. This mail action of the clay, as active inorganic substrate, is enhanced and altered with temperature variations and with the additions of various herbal elements. The action of hot mud is known by everybody as a universal thermal treatment, particularly suitable for all chronic rheumatic forms and for a poorly working liver.

At Palatini we are using clay wraps at room temperature too, thus enhancing its decongestant power. Like any cold therapy it should always be applied to the inflamed area of ​​the body, warm or artificially heated with warm compresses or brushing. The simplicity of execution, the easy availability, the negligible cost make this therapy the universal tool, indispensable and irreplaceable in every therapeutic action of natural type.