Partial and total bandages

Bandage is a therapy with great healing results, which can be performed by anyone, at any age, even at home. It is called "bandage" or bundle, for the particular characteristic of winding with three different sheets, enveloping the whole body or a part of it. The bandage is usually applied cold, but can be hot or dry too. The bandage acts powerfully activating the district sweat and sebaceous glands, resulting in a rapid heat dissipation. It is therefore particularly suitable for all general and local inflammation, including fever.

A small excerpt directly quoting the writings of Sebastian Kneipp is significant:

"The one who wants to be persuaded on the effects of the Spanish cloak (cold bandage) need only to look at the water in which the same is washed, finding it very murky, one will be surprised to see how much garbage it has removed from the body. I know of some cases in which the Spanish cloak, after application, had a yellow color, impossible to be washed off if not with bleaching and spreading it on the grass in the sun. "
From "my Hydrotherapic treatment" by Sebastian Kneipp

The abdominal (belly) bandage is the simplest, easy to do and particularly suitable for abdominal and gastric inflammation, for constipation, abdominal bloating, biliary and hepatic congestion and hypertension.

The short bandage acts detoxifying all organs of metabolism since affecting only the visceral part of the body, excluding arms and legs. Very good in case of fever, nervousness or insomnia.

The long bandage covers the entire body except the arms, and is applied when the body is warm or feverish. It has extraordinary healing properties and is used as a purifying, decongesting and as balancing of body heat. It also acts by relaxing the nervous system.

The calves bandage goes from below the knee to the ankle. Because of its simplicity, it can also be done on your own. The therapeutic action of wrapping the calves is very effective as it removes heat decongesting the head and rebalancing anxiety and insomnia. Locally it decongests the legs in case of phlebitis, edema, venous or lymphatic stasis or simple fatigue.

The leg bandage is a therapy of extraordinary therapeutic effect, since it leads to improved circulation in the legs, lessening heaviness on legs and head, sometimes resolving headaches and migraines.